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ANDREW BONE was born in Zimbabwe in 1957. He was educated at Falcon College, where his love and respect for flora and fauna began. He took part in the bush war of the then Rhodesia until Zimbabwe became independent in 1980. Free now to pursue his own career, Andrew was not certain of exactly what it was he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing. After participating in the first commercial canoe trip down the Zambezi River, he knew his vocation would have to be involved with Africa and her prolific wildlife. Still not thinking about painting, he became a wildlife guide at Ruckomechi, one of the first luxury camps to operate in Mana Pools National Park in the Zambezi Valley. He spent two seasons there, gleaning information, studying natural habitats and gaining hands on experience of Africa at her wildest. He encountered elephant and lion at close range and often had to disengage himself from delicate situations, while all the time studying, photographing, gathering information. Life at camp was idyllic, but had no prospects. After his marriage to Kelly in 1986, he left Ruckomechi and joined up with Imire Game Ranch, a private reserve where he gained even closer contact with the animals he loved. It was here that he started dabbling in a bit of painting and discovered that people actually wanted to buy his work. He started dealing with local galleries where his early work was always in demand. This was the turning point in his life where he made the descision to give up on a regular job and become a fully self-employed artist. It was also an opportunity to do more travelling throughout Africa and become involved in projects close to his heart such as game capture and relocation. He also was involved in fundraising for wildlife and conservation. Around about 1990, Andrew decided it was time to venture further afield and test the waters of the international market. Life was comfortable here, but he wanted more from his career. He headed to the U.S.A. where after a time of trial and error discovered the shows that suited his type of art and has since made convincing headway in the international art world. He has had successful one-man exhibitions and continues to pursue all possible avenues, which could enhance his career. Each year he travels to the U.S. with Kelly where they exhibit at the famed Safari Club International show in Reno and the wildlife and conservation in Charleston, amongst others. As much as he enjoys the excitement of his overseas trips, Andrew's heart remains in the country of his birth. He needs to be surrounded by the sights and smells of his beloved Africa, where every painting he portrays on canvas, he himself has witnessed.

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